Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treating Fieldtrip

Halloween at this school is such fun! The little kids (PreK-3rd) sing at the bank and nursing home. The bank gives each child a Halloween bag full of goodies then the kids trick or treat at other businesses in town to add to the bounty!

On the bus... is it Optimuses or Optimai? And I'm not stealing this joke from you Leslie. I was saying this all morning like a geek and heehawing to myself  (prior to our facebook chat)-- No one laughed but me.

Kindergarten lining up outside the bank-- whoa, check out those boots!

Groovy!  Looks like disco boots  to me but the owner said they were go-go boots. Regardless, I need a pair!

creepy automaton
 This year the bank had a Tunnel of Terror-- a fun crew at the bank--  they go all out to help the community.  A bit too scary for little kids with all the fog, webs and real people hidden amongst the automatons. Too bad the 4th-6th graders didn't get to go to the bank-- they would have loved it!

A real creepy corpse--- would you ask this gal for a loan?

Or this guy?  He stayed very still with a bucket of candy in his lap-- when little hands reached so did he.
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