Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Party!

I really like Talon's teacher. Most school parties involve eating and booting out the door home but Mrs. F always has fun projects and events for the kids-- all the time-- and for the Halloween party she went all out.

Pumpkin decorating


Boxes of icky vampire eyes, goblin guts, and  rotten fingers for the kids to feel.

Talon is squeamish and could barely stand the fingers...

the eyes and guts weren't any better

Party snacks-- Now that is more like it!

Talon told his teacher I would make homemade chocolate chip cookies for his party-- which I did but they just aren't very Halloweeny so I also made... 

 Gingerbread pumpkin cutouts with lemon glaze and green sugar stems. This is the bottom layer so looks a bit beat up.   Yummy-- not homemade though-- it is Betty Crocker cookie mix.  Our favorite since it isn't  too strong. I baked only 5 minutes so the cookies stay soft and moist.
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