Monday, October 11, 2010

Plentiful Punkins!

The DustyUs family spent a three day weekend in the Ozarks at Silver Dollar City's Harvest Festival!  All of SDC's festivals are fun but the Harvest Festival is our favorite-- mainly due to the cooler temps, fall foliage and the multitude of additional artisans to visit. 

This year we went three weeks earlier than usual so the temps would still be warm enough for water rides. Temperatures in the 80s with no humidity were perfect but the water was ice cold!! You should have heard us shriek!  Didn't stop us from riding over and over though.    

The tradeoff to attending early is no spectacular fall color from Mother Nature but SDC made up for it with plenty of gorgeous decorations.

A Cornucopia of pumpkins...

Oh, the colors and shapes... see that deep red one?

Isn't it glorious?!
Have you ever seen so many speckles, splotches and stripes?

Talon is partial to this little cutie...

Getting an idea...


Do these photos make you think of pumpkin pie?  Me too-- even though I'm a sweet tater pie girl! 

 Last year,  I never saw of shortage of fresh or canned pumpkin, did  you?  Apparently, some pumpkin pie lovers purchased $100 cans of pie filling off of ebay.  Unbelievable! Well, no worries this year,  Libby's has reported a bumper crop!   Pin It


  1. These are such pretty pumpkins,and a darling little boy!Sounds like great fun!

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