Monday, November 8, 2010


One of my schools hosted a bingo fundraiser at the VFW.  This was the first one and what a success!  This school only has approximately 150 students in PK-12 but in 4 hours they raised $3000 dollars!

All the donated prizes were great: prizes for straight bingo were gift certificates of all kinds, tools, decor items ect. and prizes for blackout bingo were bikes, computer moniter, and a Dooney&Burke purse. The grand prize was a 42 in tv.

BINGO! Can't believe I won on my second game! I don't know anything about salon products but friends who do oohed and aahed over this set.

Talon loves bingo and can speak the lingo! A few games in,  he asked: Is this straight or blackout?  Too bad he is too young for the casino!

We had the most fabulous time and can't wait to play again.   The school plans to host another bingo next spring but we won't have to wait that long.  The VFW offers bingo every Thursday night and the play is for money! Yipee!   Kids can only stay if they can play-- don't think we'll have any problems there Pin It

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