Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween in Checotah!

Last year, we serendiptously discovered Checotah's Halloween extravaganza-- it was quite the unexpected lagniappe so we made a point to attend this year. Click here to read about our 2009 Checotah adventure. 

So much better than Stigler--  downtown is blocked off;  store owners dress up and everyone is happy and friendly.   Alleys and adjacent parks are decorated for kids to walk through and trick or treat. A church parking lot holds a huge trunk or treat. 

Witchy Woman

Talon sitting in for Witchy Woman-- Watch out, he'll cast a spell on you with his prize boomerang!

Isn't that a fabulous witch hat?!  Cool tights and splendid pointy chin-- This witch has got it going on!

On a side street, we discovered a carnival hosted by the fire dept. Lots of fun and  games-- Talon bobbed for apples and even won another cake at the plunko game.  I didn't get a photo of the apple bobbing unfortunately-- Talon cheated by biting it by the stem. Too funny--  the outsmarted teens running the bobbing started removing stems fast and furiously.

Isn't this a fun costume! Looks easy to make too!

six month old Great Dane with a headless horseman costume

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