Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cars and Canines!

Can't believe we only made it to one carshow this fall!  Really no need to go to more than one since the Robbers Cave State Park Fall Festival and Car Show is the biggest and best with over 400 cars. 

This is the only car show we go to that has almost as many canines as cars.  Makes me laugh every year so this time I took photos of a few of the car loving doggies!

Red Hot!

Yes, I'm still partial to trucks!

Too Cool!

These cars are works of art inside and out!

A Patriotic Mean Machine!

Batman and Robin!

The Batmobile!!

Robin's car? See the sign in the window...

Too Cute!

Aw!  Talon wants to meet every dog and he always asks permission before petting!

What a cool truck! Wouldn't this be perfect to haul my produce to the farmer's market!

Love this Firebird!  What an autumn color-- very pumpkiny!

Isn't this a pretty dog!

How sweet!   Notice that the pretty dog's less attractive friend moved in for some petting...

Apparently cars and canines go together like peas and carrots! Which is your favorite car and/or canine?
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  1. When you mentioned the car loving doggies, I was just sure you would show at least one photo of a dog peeing on a tire. ;)

    I wish someone would do this to my old pickup . . . :)

    Wait--I don't mean I want someone to pee on my truck's tires! I mean I want someone to refurbish it and make it look beautiful like these cars!!

  2. hahah-- funny! and any dog who did such a thing at a carshow would be doggie non grata! These people are fanatics about their cars.

    Lots of trucks in past carshow posts-- maybe you'll find the perfect paintjob for your truck!

  3. Oh,I like the red-hot car,and just all of them really.The canines are all so beautiful!


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