Wednesday, November 17, 2010

School Days: Can't Touch This!

Too cool for school!

Kindergarten danced to 'Can't Touch This' at the pep rally.  Check out their moves! Pin It


  1. Oh my Lord...he is absolutely adorable. He DEFINITELY has the moves girl..I LOVED it..He does know how to dance quite well. I'm a dancer and let me tell ya,,he has the 'gift'..just too precious!!

  2. Children make for the very best blogs. I loved yours today.

  3. LV: Thanks so much for the lovely comment! Happy you enjoyed it!

    Angela: Thank you for gushing!! Moms can never hear enough gushing! ;o)

    So cool that you are a dancer! I'm not but would you believe I disco danced all over the house till the day before he was born!! The best way to get him to nap as an infant was to energetically dance him around-- no gentle swaying! Since he could walk he has been inventing dance moves and giving them crazy names-- keeps me laughing!

  4. What fun! I thought someone was unhappy in the first photo - then I saw it was attitude. :) Love their moves!


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