Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to Improve Your Fashion Photo Shoot: Tips for Amateurs

So I'm not a fashion blogger.  But I do wear clothes.  And I do the odd style post now and again. Hey, no 'odd' style cracks.  You know I mean randomly occasional! 

I dabble in just about anything that tickles my fancy so after seeing the fantabulosity of  Izzy's fashion blog (she is also a co-blogger on my bookblog), I decided to go for more artsy style shots!  Ha!  Hahahahhaha  Silly me! What was I thinking?!

 Izzy makes it look effortless but getting an acceptable shot is tougher than it looks! 

Look at this: hair blowing in my nose, bra strap showing, necklace askew, sweater bunched here and there!
Pitiful! Don't know if an entire crew could've salvaged this one! But I need people, I tell you, people! 

It was fun though and as goofy as most of the photos turned out, they are still more interesting than my usual frozen staring straight at the camera smile. 

That is a trick I learned from Izzy:

Don't smile into the camera!

Darn necklace is still askew! But I'm not looking at the camera!

The next time you thumb through a fashion mag, pay attention to the models. Very few smiles and they usually look away from the camera. And they are usually snapped  lolling about or moving in some bizarrely interesting way.

Another trick I learned from Izzy: 

Focus on one part of the outfit or model!

Love the ruffled tops of these suede boots!

A photo of a shoe or necklace or collar or eye or hand or lips can be much more dramatic and interesting than the outfit or body as a whole. And highlighting one interesting element in an artsy way means less pleasing parts aren't on display! ;o)  

My five year boy is the photographer for this shot.  The lighting and sharpness could be better but it is still one of my faves from this photo shoot.  The breeze blown skirt and fringe adds a little pizzaz, don't you think.

Wedge heels are the best!  At least for those of us who need stability! ;o)

Photo shoots are silly and fun. Try one! 

And don't be afraid to experiment .

a.n.a. sweater    Ann Taylor Loft skirt   Soho Lab boots   Wilson's Leather purse    

'I have no clue' tights and necklace
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  1. Oh you are a temptress, aren't you? Trying to get us (never out in front of the camera) bloggers to be seen for once. Not gonna happen, dearie! :)

  2. I don't know Tex. She's got me thinking about it...

  3. I really, really like that photo of you smiling off to your left. You look great.

  4. Thanks DeLynne! The not smiling directly into the camera is a hard habit to break but I'm going to keep practicing. I'm tired of all my photos looking exactly the same.

  5. Tex: Aw, c'mon!

    Tracy: Work it, girl! You already posted a shot of your caviar bracelet and toes-- more! more!

  6. Very good!Looks like you know fashion.


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