Friday, March 4, 2011

Car Show Couture!

A couple of weeks ago,  We attended the Darryl Starbird Custom Car Show and Monster Truck Races again. Yes, again. Don't worry-- I always manage to amuse myself.

At the fall car show (yes, we go to more than one), it was cars and canines.

This time it is car show couture!

On the way, we stopped at our favorite Boomarang Diner for lunch and I snapped a photo of my two goofy goobers wearing matching car show shirts from the 2009 Fall Foliage Cruise.

Of course, I said: Ya'll are so dorky!! Cute but dorky!!

Guess what I spotted as soon as I walked into the Expo?  Hotrod and car shirts galore!!

Too funny! Did you know that some men theme their attire to the event? 

Not all the attendees had on car shirts.  Only the serious custom car enthusiasts, I suppose. Or maybe just the dorkiest! haha

Here are few to illustrate:

This is the only gal I spotted. Her guy has one on too--  That is him with the blond ponytail. How sweet that they  share common interests.

The car show couture ranged from really tacky...
Isn't he a prize, girls!

To relatively classy...

Aww, cute and spiffy!

To show you what a lucky girl I am,  check this out:

Redneck at Monster Truck Races:  It's still too loud, ya'll!

Got me a winner, girls!!

To see redneck chic, check out my earplug post from the monster truck races last year: The Color Purple
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  1. you need to explain to your boys that you need no "rides". You have them and my lordie, girl, what a wild ride your boys are.

  2. AHAHAHAHA! I truly laughed out loud!
    That is hilarious!

    Looks like fun actually.Yeah, we roll like that too.

    We have not had the right weekend free to go to a truck rally and car show...but we want to go!


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