Friday, March 4, 2011

Sew Fine Hotrod!

 Spotted at the car show! I didn't take many photos of cars this year-- this one stood out of the crowd though...
Don't like the color but the shape is curvy and cool! Who would paint a hotrod blah brown?!

What made me laugh is the graphic painted on the side: Sew Fine

Is the owner handy with a needle? Then I thought of my friend DeLynne who amazes me with her sewing skill. She can make a bra with underwires that looks storebought,  for heaven's sake!

DeLynne needs a Sew Fine hotrod for cruising around the rainforest. Bet hers wouldn't be blah brown!

Now this is more like it! 

 A pearly mauve-- Striking and pretty! 

some of my other fave hotrod colors are: red, turquoise, pink, purple, and pearl white. And anything with flames or sparkle, pearl or flipflop paint. 

What is your favorite hotrod color?

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  1. Oh probably boring old red... :)

  2. Hotrod,so cute,and sure enough,think pink would be a cool color.

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  4. Oh, I do love it! Did I tell you I put my hand up to take care of the costumes in the school musical? I had no idea there would be soooo many!

  5. Oh you are a brave one! Bet the costumes were the best they ever had-- you may have a permanent position!


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