Saturday, August 27, 2011

Little Pollywog

We were so pleased with Little Sport's coach pitch baseball experience in a nearby small town that we signed him up for swim class at the public pool there too. 

Another winner! This pool offered longer lessons and more days of lessons than the large town we used the last two years.  Plus, an awards/prizes ceremony was included in the price.  Talon loved that! 

 And the really great part is that it was only sixteen miles away. Can you believe we drove eighty miles roundtrip for swimming lessons the previous two summers?! What dunces! 

Talon's favorite thing is always jumping off the diving board. 

This year, for some reason, he couldn't jump in with a straight body-- he flopped in like a flying wombat. (yes, I know wombats don't fly but I can imagine) Looked so funny but we didn't laugh-- well, not much anyway.

This is about as straight as he ever jumped off the diving board-- definitely an improvement.

His next favorite thing is showing off tricks while jumping in off the side during free play:

And he practiced jumping in straight-- Check this out, Gram!

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  1. Oh. he is so good at this jumping in pool!Looks like learning to swim,can be fun.


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