Friday, August 12, 2011

Swoon-worthy Dining: Thai Thai Cuisine in Branson

Squee! Finally, Thai food that suits our spoiled from Hawaii palates.  If you've eaten Thai in Hawaii then you know what I mean-- restaurants in the mid-west just can't compare. 

Branson, Missouri isn't broken out with culinary greatness so we were absolutely estatic to discover Thai Thai Cuisine.

How did I find it?  Before each trip to Branson, I check the Branson Dining Forum to see what the local foodies are raving about-- they haven't steered me wrong yet.

Still, Hubs sent me in for a quick reconnaisance before agreeing to try-- he is gun-shy from too many Thai disappointments.

The decor was lovely-- dark, rich colors and very elegant. The menu pleased and the aroma was intoxicating. As I headed out the door, a well-dressed gentleman exiting the restaurant volunteered that the food was very good.

What an understatement! 

The food is spectacularly out of this world amazing!

We ordered lunch specials which were reasonably priced and very generous.

Wish I could remember the name of my dish-- it consisted of  shrimp,  large asparagus spears, yellow squash, and other veggies in peanut sauce.  See the lovely char marks on the aspargus-- so delicious!

Hubs ordered his traditional pad thai with jumbo shrimp. The best since Hawaii and it just about knocked him out it was so good!

Little Foodie ordered a noodle dish with veggies and shrimp in a light ginger sauce.

The food at Thai Thai Cuisine is fresh and tasty. The only thing that would improve it would be more spiciness-- next time, I'll ask for a bit more heat.

By the way, I thought the fancy oversized square plates were glass but they are melmac-- haha!

We can't wait till our next Branson trip to eat there again!

Little Foodie received a fun little star shaped lolli as an after lunch treat-- that cinched the deal-- he is a big fan of Thai Thai Cuisine.

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  1. Yum! I missed out on lunch today, which probably makes this looks 10 times better than good. Next time I'm in Branson, I'll check out this restaurant!

  2. Mmmmm! Sounds gooood! I don't know if I've had "good" Thai food, but I do know I like what I've had!
    I am liking the looks of those veggies!

  3. Kids and food.....nothing better!!

  4. Lovely photos takes me right there! Branson here I come!

  5. What's inside the large spring rolls? Oh, they do look yummy. I hope I could have some of that lunch of yours. :)
    Lunch in Crisostomo, Nuvali ♥

  6. i love asparagus, and one of my fave veggie. Those pad thai is a real mouth watering treat, suddenly have a craving for it

    Enjoy the week ahead, here's my FTF entry, hope you check it out too

  7. Thanks all for the lovely and hungry comments! If you are ever in Branson, you must try it.

    Sassy: I've kinda forgotten the particulars but it was veg and a little meat-- nothing unusual. The sweet and sour sauce was extra light and tasty. I will report back after my next food trip to Thai Thai.


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