Thursday, August 11, 2011

Silly Sign Spotting (1)

Seems like I'm constantly spotting a sign that cracks me up or makes me groan-- sometimes simultaneously.

And of course I'm compelled to take photos...

Oh my, this sign was at our favorite burger spot and there was no AC at all.

 So very very hot and going 'bare' did cross my mind...

And no the writer was not being cute or clever on purpose-- I know these people-- it was a spelling error.

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  1. that is AWESOME! wonder if anyone took them up on their offer?

  2. Haha! I saw a sign in Galveston:
    Cleanded fish - $5.99/pound
    Thank you Jesus

    I tried to get a pic, but my hubby was hogging my phone!

  3. Leslie: Was the 'Thank you Jesus' part of the sign? Funny Funny!

    I have a related sign coming up soon...

  4. Lesa, it was a part of the sign and that made it particularly funny!


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