Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kiddie Park!

Here are photos of Talon at the Kiddie Park in Bartlesville. The park has existed since 1947--- some of the rides are charmingly retro and some are newer. There are about 16 rides including a small rollercoaster and a train that circles the perimeter of the park. Oh, I wish we had known about the Kiddie Park sooner--- the rides are the perfect size for toddlers and each ride costs only 25 cents. Well, a couple cost 50 cents but still what a deal! Bartlesville is so fortunate to have the Kiddie Park. The rides are sponsored by businesses and organizations--- so the community knows how lucky they are. Wish Eufaula had a kiddie park--- that would be a perfect location.
Little dodge'ems--- a bit trickier for Talon than the round ones at Incredible Pizza...

Captain Talon...

Really Retro...

Holding on tight-- this one has a rough bounce...

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  1. Talon, you are a really good captian and driver.Please watch ahead, tho.

  2. Wait till you see the ones of Talon driving his first go-cart---- drives like you know who!!

  3. these bumper cars are just my size.

  4. so thoes cars were just your size, you sure are growing.You even drove a big truck,cool.

  5. That is great! What a bargin; rides are usually so expensive.


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