Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Incredible Pizza Part Two...

And the winners of the go-cart race are--- Talon and his Pa in car #22 sponsored by Caterpillar--- and the crowd goes WILD!

Talon helped edit this photo-- he chose black and white and the frame. He thinks the frame looks like a racing flag.

Even the kiddie bowling balls are hard to handle....

Labor Day weekend, we took Gram and Pa to Incredible Pizza--- so much fun! We all bumped ourselves silly in the crazy round bumper cars and Talon was ecstatic to win the go-cart race. He thought it was very funny that I lost. Never drive car #3--- it is SLOW! Jim and Talon starred in a silly music video--- hopefully I can upload it to the computer soon.

Oh, Saturday is a better day for the food by the way. It was yummy this time.
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  1. it's great Talon and his Pa won the race,he is just beaming.


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