Monday, September 28, 2009


September is my one hectic month at work. October 1 is the childcount deadline for funding and schools are serious about funding so this week is intense. I'm practically nabbing 3 yr olds off the streets since they bring in big bucks. So loads of work and what do I see when I walk into my room at my one day a week school: Books... Piles of books... Books Galore... a maze of precariously stacked books! Not good for a bookworm with work to do. I adore books of all kinds so I was falling into books all day--- literally and figuratively...

See what I mean about precarious--- few shelves came with the books so they are stacked like the Leaning Tower of Pisa all over the floor, tables and even in the windows! Difficult to navigate and I'm compelled to open any that catch my eye and so many do. Doesn't matter if they are picture books, reference, new fiction or literary classics. Each book is like a treasure chest of wonders calling: 'Hey Lesa, open me' 'No, over here, open me'...
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