Monday, October 19, 2009

Car Show!

The annual carshow at Robbers Cave State Park Fall Festival was last weekend. It is a big one! Always 400 plus cars! In addition to the carshow, there are crafts, food, music and rides. The state park is a beautiful setting and attending the festival is a great way to spend a fall day!

Here are a few of the cars we saw...
Funny little BMW!

Super Cool!

Wow, baby!!

Beautiful orange pearl paint job! Wish it showed up better in the photo...
Forgot to get a shot of the white pearl rod--- Too Cool! We love pearl paint jobs!

Funny wheels!

I love this old truck!

and this delivery van...

this one too!

Yeah, a bit of theme for me! I like the regular car rods but I love the cool old trucks and delivery vans. Useful is a good thing! Jim's theme is all the 32 hotrods and Talon's is anything with a flame paint job! Stay tuned for more...
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