Monday, November 16, 2009

More Scenes of Autumn

Talon and I spot interesting things on our nature walks. Here are more photos of natural phenomenon that caught our eye this autumn...

Solo bois d'arc (horse apple)

Vine thriving on a tall dead tree...

Yippee, a pine cone! Not huge like Tx pinecones but it is a pinecone!

Grass going to seed

Leaves turning...

Weed going to seed

Strange but pretty mushrooms growing on a log. Looked this one up. Apparently, it may be an edible mushroom called chicken of the woods. There is another orange one in America that is poisonous. Don't think I will take a chance...
Correction: 12-5-09 After a bit more research, I think this is a poisonous mushroom called 'jackolantern'.

Fall wildflowers (weeds)

So much rain in October...

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