Monday, November 2, 2009

Toys and Cranberries and China, Oh My!

Can you believe I missed seeing this? I was already unlocking the door when Talon said: What's that in Daddy's truck? After a split second of bewilderment and amazement, I realized our good elves (aka Aunt Jerry and Uncle Charles) paid a surprise visit while we were at school. They left a treasure trove of goodies in BigRed's truckbed! Aren't they wonderful!

Side view that Talon spotted getting out of the car.

Amazing and, Oh, the frenzy of excitement!
It'll take days to explore it all!

Rear view. Very curious about the little box...

Curiouser and curiouser...

Woohoo! As soon as the delightful orange scent wafted out, I knew what it was: Orange infused cranberries! So delicious!! Can't wait to bake and add them to chicken salad or Jerry's special cole slaw (to be featured in a future post)!

Heard a few clinks, as Talon pulled out wonder after wonder so I quickly rescued these lovelies. Can't wait to use the Christmas plates! Oh, the Royal Worcester platter is just beautiful! Tickles me when I think of Hyacinth with her Royal Doulton on Keeping Up Appearances. Love them all! Thanks Jerry!

Sharp Turn!

Loads and loads more but like I said it will take days to see it all! I reckon Talon will want to play hooky tomorrow!
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