Saturday, December 5, 2009

Another Beach Day!

What a beautiful day! Sunny with temps in the mid 70s! Perfect for soaking up some warmth to tide us through a cold winter.

Our hooty owl kite flying high!

Don't think we'll be winning any contests but Talon absolutely loved our sandcastle! He decorated the towers with shells and filled the moat about 50 times. Talon could not stop talking about the moat--- He has been yearning to build a sandcastle with a moat since Max the bunny built one on an episode of Max and Ruby. Later, I added a canal that let water flow in to fill the moat just like on Max and Ruby. Too cool!

Preparing to jump waves...


Guess these kids learned a valuable lesson: Never throw a scrap to a lone seagull.

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  1. Talon, did you really dive into that water?Sure looks fun. gram

  2. You must be like, the BEST MOM EVER!

  3. Thanks-- I will tell Talon that the next time he complains I don't play cars or XBOX enough! Little Toot!


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