Wednesday, December 2, 2009

First Time at the Beach...

Talon has been asking to go to the beach since he was age two. Last week, he finally made it to the beach at Galveston.

Talon was ecstatic! Of course, he didn't mind that Galveston isn't known for beautiful beaches. Can't wait to take him to Hawaii or the Caribbean!
(the Galveston beaches are much cleaner since Hurricane Ike, though)


This was the first afternoon. Didn't even stop to change into trunks...
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  1. I absolutely love Galveston. Yes, I've seen some beautiful beaches, but Galveston has something!
    I love it so much, I got married there at the Hotel Galvez. My favorite picture is of us (me in my wedding dress and hubby in tux) standing on one of those jetties. So Galveston.

  2. So cool you were married there!

    Yes, it does have a special something-- I first went at age 16 with DeLynne and another friend-- that was the most magical time-- so many adventures-- so many memories-- I've never forgotten it.

    Hubby has groaned everytime I mention Galveston over the years-- because of the lack of beach beauty-- we actually went summer of 94 but he didn't like it-- I've tried to explain the elusive something but he didn't get it until last Novembers trip-- he still raves about the fun we had.

    Love the mix of history and beach atmosphere-- does it give you pause to think what it would have been today if not for the 1900 hurricane? I think about things like that...

  3. That must've been a fabulous trip!

    Oh, absolutely I think about how the Great Hurricane affected Galveston! We got married close to the 100th anniversary (9-9-00) of that hurricane. And I heard that some aunt of my mom's or g-mom's stayed at the Galvez to ride out that storm! That was so cool to me.
    But when we toured to choose a spot, they all had some tale about THAT hurricane. It still affects them, you know?

    And then my mom remembers going to Murdoch's and her aunt and uncle rented beach chairs and umbrellas.

    And I met a woman in the middle of Mexico whose father, as a young man, visited Galveston. This had to be early 1930's maybe. And she has a B&W photo of him in front of Murdoch's...

    Yes, when I drive around, I can just imagine the splendor it had!

    Ok. I will shut up!


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