Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Surprise from South Carolina!

How exciting! Kat sent us Christmas treats from South Carolina! We considered waiting till Christmas to open...

What could it be?!

Why, it's a very dapper crow!


Kat's sister sews various animals-- doesn't she do amazing work.
Love the crow! The tiny bee button accents are too cute! This guy may end up in my yellow kitchen-- Sorry, Talon!

Kat's sister sews little mice, too. Aren't they cute?! Scraps from the larger animals are used to make the mice. Then the mouse scraps are given to the birds for nests. Nothing is wasted.

They're the perfect size for Jim to work into a magic trick.

Cute kitty paper!

Woohoo! Tiny Wilton Cookie Cutters! Noah's Ark and Animals! How cute! Can't wait to use them! Thank you! Thank you!

What pretty earrings!

What lovely thoughtful gifts! Thank you for thinking of us, Kat!
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