Thursday, December 31, 2009

Oklahoma City Museum of Art

The Oklahoma City Museum of Art was enjoyable but I think we prefer the Gilcrease and Philbrook Museums in Tulsa.

The special exhibit was the Dutch Italianates. Couldn't take any photos of those, however. Amazing to see but seemed like all the Dutch artists painted the same Italian scene or maybe all the Italian peasants, cows and countryside looked the same in the 1600s. For more info on the Dutch Italianates:

Photography without flash was allowed in some galleries

Yep, this was a Talon fave!

I always enjoy portraits and the museum had a more extensive collection than I expected.

This is a portrait of Kitty Packe who married the Lord of the Manor of Great Glenn. I wish the photo did it justice. She is so pretty and the dress details so vivid. In person, the book in her lap looks three dimensional as if it is protruding out of the painting.

Here is a link to a better image of it on Flickr:

A couple of the Thomas Moran paintings

Don't have any info on this but isn't it..

Fabulously flamboyant!

This permanent memorial is a 55 ft tall Dale Chihuly Sculpture.

Very impressive...

For more info and a better view:

The museum also had a Dale Chihuly glass exhibit that was quite amazing! The gallery was very dark and the sculptures so striking and colorful. It felt like we were walking through a beautiful alien sea.
Here is a link to some of the sculptures we saw:

If you would like to learn more about Dale Chihuly, the artist has a great website:
The home page flashes some of his sculptures. Check out the Violet Tumbleweeds.

Hope you enjoyed this overview of our excursion to the OKC Museum of Art.
Even though the museum itself lacks the charm of the Tulsa museums (difficult to compete with the Philbrook Mansion), it is definitely worth a visit.

Overall, it's a pleasant museum: easy to stroll through with nice spacious galleries.

Looking forward to seeing future exhibits there.
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