Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In the Ditch!

Last month,  we  topped the hill on the road to our house and saw another vehicle in the ditch! 

Don't know what happened but at least it wasn't upside down like this truck.

What is it with this road? You'd think a drive down a slow rural county road like this would be uneventful. 

Since these accidents seem to happen close to our house (that is us in the distance, see the white pear trees), we keep our seatbelts on till we reach our maibox! 

Count on me to find the funny (and blog fodder) in any situation...
   Shame on me for laughing but that is life on a dirt road: No paper, No worries...
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  1. yikes! must be a road full of wayward critters? or ghosts? or boogeymen? :)

  2. Wonder how long the letters stayed there?Oh, so much action on your road!!

  3. We are the owners of land on both sides of a really sharp bend in the road. I can't begin to tell you how many of these kinds of accidents happen there. Usually they go a bit airborne and land way into our fields. I'm going to have to use it for blogging ideas. LOL!!

  4. Ha, that is great! Good thing they weren't hurt or anything. They probably used their cells for a ride back home to get their pick-up and chain. You are right; it doesn't look like a dangerous road.

    Have a great weekend, Lesa, and thanks for stopping by!

    Kathy M.

  5. Hey, girl! Thanks for dropping by my copost with Serendipity... she is awesome! I'm following this blog now... I love these pics and I'm laughing... I.m a KS city girl yransported to DRY, DUSTY as HECK West TX! Funny, right? Right now we're joking at least we know Lubbock won't burn, since it's all dirt... ;) Thanks again!

  6. Texwis: There is an old grave in the woods along that stretch-- I can see it in the winter when the trees are bare. WOOooOOoOO...

    Beth: Maybe we can start a meme! hahahah

    Stacey: Oh, W. Tx, you poor thing! I was born amongst the tumbleweeds of W. Tx but luckily I got to grow up in the Piney Woods of E. Tx.
    Bet you miss Kansas City-- I went to a Jimmy Buffett concert there but didn't get to explore-- need to go back.


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