Saturday, April 2, 2011

School Birthday Party

This year, Talon chose Speed City, a hotwheels cupcake cake, for his school party.

I ordered the buttercream frosting for more vibrant colors but Walmart used the whipped by mistake.  The whipped is lighter and tastes a lot better so I might ask for it next time.

The cupcakes were a hit with the kids. 

Which frosting do you like best? Buttercream (which is made with shortening and not butter at bakeries) or whipped? Pin It


  1. I think I like the buttercream, but the whipped is so light and not as sweet.

    That is an AWESOME cake design! Brilliant for parties with cupcakes to pull apart...

  2. I like homemade buttercream made with real butter. the bakery kind it way too sweet for me-- I think that is why I liked the whipped-- and the thought of eating shortening icks me. Silly, I know, butter isn't healthy either but it just sounds better... and tastes better.

    Yes, the teachers much prefer cupcake cakes.

  3. That is really a pretty cake,and a clever idea,happy children!

  4. Such lovely photos from the School Birthday Party. I am pleased to find these fun photos here. Well, my son is turning 18 year old so I want to make his birthday special. I will prefer hosting the roof top party so trying to find the most beautiful rooftop event venue in LA. Do you have any recommendations?


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