Saturday, April 2, 2011

Talon is 6!!

My mother has been waiting over a week for photos of Talon's birthday.  Sorry, Mama!!

Thanks, Gram!!

A Spongebob cake for Talon's family party. Walmart did use buttercream on this one as requested. The colors are more vibrant.

See the next post about the frosting-- I posted out of order. My excuse is my crazy cold head

Sneaking a little frosting! Talon isn't particular about frosting-- he likes it all!!

Top left photo: Talon thinks a flat as a flitter present isn't too promising.  But it is a book. Talon loves books. Cars and Star Wars-- two of his favorite things!

Not a bad haul-- and a few things fun things to share with mom and dad too! Funny, that... 

Time for the Treasure Hunt! Talon gets more of a buzz out of finding the clues than the actual treasure as you will see in the second video. 

Actually, a treasure hunt wasn't in the works this year but Talon requested it so I guess it must now be a tradition.

Be sure and watch for Talon's celebratory 'hip swivel'--- that is what he called it when he watched the video.

Happy Birthday, Talon!

We are so happy to know you!!
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  1. Tell Talon that Natalie says happy birthday! :)

  2. 6 is a great age (from what I can remember!) :) Happy Birthday, Talon!

  3. What a darling little boy!!!Yes,the twist,he has it,and just is so happy!how sweet .

  4. Happy Birthday to your adorable boy!

  5. I love mosaics for kids pictures! They're great for showing a whole sequence of events, or for displaying different expressions. Mosaic's keep me from just having to choose the "best" picture when there are so many that are so good. You did a great job with these!

  6. Such a lovely post! I know I'm late, but Happy Birthday Talon.

  7. Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Talon is enjoying age 6 so far!

    Kathy: Talon said he wants Natalie to meet him at SDC again!

    Gale: Thanks! You are so right about mosaics-- I wish I had been making them all along!

  8. Even I feel very happy to know him through this blog. He looks so innocent and sweet. God bless him. I was looking for cake ideas for my nephew’s birthday party and this cake looks really nice and easy to make. I have also booked one of the Chicago venues for the celebration. Thanks for sharing this post.


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