Sunday, April 24, 2011


Each Kindergarten student had to bring ten plastic eggs to school for the egg hunt. I picked up two bags of eggs at Dollar General and asked Talon which he wanted to take: pastel eggs or bright eggs...

He said: I'll take the 'passed out' eggs!!

Kids hear things funny, don't they.
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  1. they do sort of fit with this "Peace out" t-shirt. I see a future in the UN for this kid.. maybe an anesthesiologist?

  2. I hope they've passed out by the time they hit the dye. Otherwise the pain of boiling would be dreadful... snarf snarf.

  3. Cute!! I’m your newest follower from I love my Online Friends Monday Hop. Please follow

  4. Hahahah! @ Tracy and Elsie!

    Nataly: Cool blog! I'm following!

  5. Hahaha! They certainly do! One of my sons' little mistakes was calling sauteéd mushrooms 'situated mushrooms'. He still does it just for fun, sometimes, because we all thought it was so cute. He's 25 now. LOL!


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