Sunday, December 6, 2009

At Moody Gardens...

We spent our cloudy chilly day in Galvestion at Moody Gardens.

Half of it was closed but we still had fun. Can't wait to see the rainforest pyramid when it reopens!

Funny glasses for the 4D Special FX Theater. The movie was a cold air blowing, water spraying and cocoa smelling
12 minute speed version of Polar Express (Talon's favorite Christmas movie). Too Cool!

The penguins were Talon's favorite exhibit at the Aquarium Pyramid! We went back to it at least 6 times during the day. Of course, Jim narrated the action with vocal impersonations of the Penguins of Madagascar.

Penguin Racing! So fast that all you see are their bubble trails! Talon about wore holes in the knees of his pants trying to keep up.

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  1. Add some gems to those 4D glasses and you'd look just like Dame Edna!


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