Thursday, December 31, 2009

Around the hotel...

On this trip to OKC, we stayed at the Renaissance Marriott in Bricktown. Talon loves any hotel but this may be his favorite in OKC. It has beautiful public areas, super cool elevators, watergardens with fish and lots more to explore! Talon highly recommends this hotel!

Talon's first atrium hotel. Very aesthetically pleasing but way too many balconies for a curious little boy.

Love the skylight! Wouldn't I have a great greenhouse with a ceiling like that?! I would have to put on airs and call it my conservatory.

Night view of the skylight and elevators. Talon couldn't get enough of the elevators! There were four total: two at each end. All glass so a great view of the whole interior as we zoomed up and down. We won several races! Of course, the riders in the other elevators didn't know it was a race!

Cool old timey style phone located at the elevators. Talon checked out it out. Of course, the front desk surprised him with a ring back .

Intrepid hotel explorers!

(Yes, I'm still working the sweater. Guess I'll have to give it a rest until Valentine's Day!)

Lovely waterfall! One good thing about indoor waterfalls, I don't have to listen to hubby grousing about the hike!

Looking at fish...

Pretty fish!

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