Thursday, December 3, 2009

Free Ferry!

Riding the ferry at Galveston is a tradition! The Texas Department of Transportation operates a 24 hour free ferry between Galveston and the Port Bolivar Penisula. We always walk on for the hour long roundtrip voyage. Great views and dolphin spotting make this a must-do when in Galveston!

Walk-ons ride on the upper deck but we checked out the views from the vehicle deck as well. The ferries are always full. I wonder if they are full at 3:00 in the morning!

Interesting to watch the docking and loading/unloading of vehicles. The crew directs all the vehicles 'just so' to balance out the weight.

Dolphins frolicked all around the ferry for the whole trip. We had a blast spotting them. Dolphins are very fast so this is the only shot I got. An old man told us that the prevalence of dolphins meant a clean healthy ecosystem with plenty of food. Didn't think the gulf was particularly clean with all the refineries and factories along the coast. I don't remember seeing dolphins back in the 80s so maybe it is getting cleaner.

View of Seawolf Military Park. We plan to tour the sub and battleship on our next trip.

Pelicans at rest

Enjoying the view

Mostly asians fishing off the rocks next to the dock. Could they be sushi purveyors?

This bird perched near us and wouldn't fly away.

Avian escort: must've been a good catch!
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