Friday, December 11, 2009

La King's Confectionery

Talon became a devotee of LaKing's, another Galveston tradition. LaKing's is an old fashioned ice cream parlor with a soda fountain and candy factory.

Ahh, the memories of cooling off on hot summer days with a refreshing cherry phosphate! I know a few of you readers have fond memories of LaKing's as well. Eight feet of saltwater from hurricane Ike did lots of damage and the store was closed for months but finally reopened good as new-- almost.

The gorgeous old cash register is gone. Such a shame! I really wanted Talon to see it.

Cherry Phosphate!

Scrumptious! Aren't the displays beautiful?! Visitors can watch the candymakers in action too!

Oh, this sneaky boy! Finished his malt, then each time my back was turned...

He swiped sips of my soda!

and laughed about it! He had a co-conspirator too! You can probably guess who!

Next time, I won't wander around taking so many photos! NO, I take that back! Next time, I'll order two cherry phosphates!

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  1. Didn't we have fun! Cooling off and flirting with the soda fountain boys! I have photos of you and Torrey sitting in LaKing's when he was age 3. I need to dig them out and post them.

  2. Oh, I would really, really love to see photos from that trip. I don't have any, and I do remember it vividly. Remember how sunburnt I got?

  3. Oh yes, your mother was not pleased about the sunburn! Thank goodness she didn't know about your motorcycle adventure! (isn't that how you got the sunburn?) My poor parents really weren't equipped to deal with three wily and wild 16 year olds! So many fun adventures! We didn't take too many photos and mine are discolored from an old selfstick album. My mom has all the negatives-- I'll look for them sometime.

  4. She might know about my motorcycle adventures now, since you've mentioned them on the net. Is she a follower? I'll send a link if not.

    You might be able to scan and fix your photos...

  5. Oops!

    Your mother is more than welcome to follow my blog. She is such a great photographer-- I'd like her to critique my nature shots.

    I'll follow hers too-- it is a cool blog-- Not too prolific-- like mother like daughter like granddaughter, I guess. ;o)


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