Monday, May 31, 2010

Hot Diggity Dog!

What a silly dog! It is supposed to be Talon's dog but it keeps following me around and getting in my business. And Midnight the cat follows right behind but heaven forbid that someone pets the cat-- pup intefers there too!
Pup is still officially nameless since we each call it a different name. Talon started calling her Mrs. Pirate because when one dog ear flips back it looks like a tricorn hat. Plus, she keeps stealing my garden gloves, trowel, and four packs of plants right in the middle of a putter. So I started calling her 'scurvy dog'! Hubby has taken to calling both animals: DogVader and CatSith-- yes, we've been on a StarWars kick lately-- more about that coming up. Pin It

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