Saturday, May 8, 2010

Roller Coaster Crazy!

Talon wanted to ride the small roller coaster at Silver Dollar City by himself this time. He was so proud and, of course, I was proud of him too... but I was relegated to the sidelines all by my lonesome.

See Talon in the last car... his arms are up and he is raring to go!
(but he looks so little)

Going up...

Higher and higher.... (but he looks so little)

Whee! (doesn't he look little to you?)

Hi, Mom!

Little boys grow up too fast!
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  1. Yes, they do grow up very fast and pretty soon they dont want to be seen with us in the presence of their friends (that happens at around 10+). But, when no one is around they are still our little babies. Happy Mother's Day!


  2. Thanks, Anne-Marie! Happy Mother's Day to you as well!

    Last year, when he went to Pre-k at age 3, he didn't want me to hold his hand walking in when the 3rd graders were outside-- I thought "Hey, you're only 3!!' But when he saw me at the end of the day, he ran as fast as he could to me for a hug-- and it didn't matter who was around! So sweet!

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