Monday, May 10, 2010

Ruby Tuesday: Stop and Smell the Roses

Stop And Smell The Roses

I chanced getting a traffic ticket by stopping the car sideways across the middle of the road to obtain this Ruby Tuesday photo. Actually, this is in a very small town with only one policeman so I figured if I was quick enough I could avoid legal repercussions.

After snapping a few quickies, I felt quite daring so I stepped out of the car for a few more when the dog of the yard raced up barking ferociously. Fearing it might use the concrete blocks to leap over the fence or at the very least alert the owners that a crazy lady was lurking about, I jumped in the car and hightailed it out of there!

To what lengths have you gone to obtain the perfect Ruby Tuesday photo?

Ruby Tuesday is a weekly global photo meme hosted by Work of the Poet.
To see other great photos please click on the link to her blog.

Wednesday Edit: While viewing some of the great red photos submitted in this week's Ruby Tuesday meme, I ran across another red meme. This one is called Rednesday... yes it is a Wednesday meme. It appears that this meme may be more for photos of red vintage items but this stop sign is definitely vintage. So a linking I will go... a linking I will go... Hi-ho the derry-o a linking I will go.
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  1. Just tell 'em Mary the Teach sent you. Your class project was a Ruby Tuesday photo. Have a great one.

  2. thanks Driller-- I'll use that in the future!

  3. I've pulled all sorts of crazy stunts for a good photo - I'm sure by now all my neighbors think I'm nuts :).

    My photography is now available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  4. Love it! The stop sign does seem to say stop and smell these roses. Maybe that would have been a good defense for you?? I have trespassed on the grounds of a vacant, historical hotel but in my defense the fence was down and no sign was visible until I went around to the other side. I did take a photo of the sign as well as the hotel.

    Sandy from the Heart of Texas

  5. Awesome I like that shot. And I like the bush of roses. Happy RT!

    My Cardinal

  6. You're living pretty dangerously in Oklahoma ... flaunting the law and all. Thank you for visiting my blog. Love the roses!

  7. That's a sign if there ever was one ;) "Stop" by the roses. I see the poster above write you're in Oklahoma. Bad weather there around Norman a couple of days ago:( I lived near Muskogee for 13 years. Happy REDnesday~

  8. @Splugie-- Oh, I fit right in! Oklahoma used to be known as 'Outlaw Territory'. Belle Starr, Jesse James, and Dillons ect used to hideout right near my house.

    @Mary-- yep, a sign for for sure. And, yes, we've been dodging storms all week. I live about 40 miles south of Muskogee.

  9. What one wouldn't do for RT.A dog lurking behind the blocks,on,over the fence ugh.That could be scary,more than that lonely policeman down at the donut shop.Nice shot.

  10. Whar an absolutley perfectly red letter picture. Well worth the daring do!

  11. What lovely roses and I am so glad that you stopped to smell them and.... take photos of them to show us!!

  12. That is a pretty pic and I'm glad you stopped to take it. Makes me want to go around my neighborhood and do that.

  13. I love it ! Very ironic for the roses to be by that stop sign !Great Pic !

  14. Great fun picture - love that faded red sign with the rambling red rose. xx

  15. Well I, for one, am glad you "went a linking"! Welcome to Rednesday! No, we're not just vintage red, although it seems like it this week.

    I love you you segued the Stop sign with smelling the roses! I can just picture you snapping and running - I've done it a few times myself!

  16. Wow, you put yourself in real danger to take that shot! That's a gorgeous rosebush, and I hope to see you again next week for REDnesday!
    Have a great weekend!

  17. dear lesa..i think it was well worth it your taking the chance to get such a great ruby tuesday photo..
    the furthest i have gone to take ruby tuesday pix is snapping them in a store, which is pretty daring!
    one time i was trying to get a good shot of mom golden in a hat store. i managed two pictures and then a clerk told me, "you are NOT allowed to use a camera in the store!"
    for sure and i was really embarrassed but at least i had a couple of pictures!
    welland is the rose city of ontario lesa and we have not a one here yet so i was glad to see your city roses!...happy ruby tuesday on a saturday!..ha! terry

  18. thanks all for visiting! I so glad I'm not the only surreptitious photographer!

    Terry, I take photos in stores all the time-- I've never been reprimanded. Maybe that person suspected you might be a milliner out to swipe hat designs. ;o)

  19. wow its great post..


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