Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Lagnaippe!!

After Eufaula's dismal carnival, we were done with Halloween. Boomerang was just the thing to perk up our spirits so we headed to Checotah.

The downtown streets were blocked to traffic 2 blocks from the Boomerang and people were milling about everywhere. Halloween was back on!! Oh my, Checotah does Halloween big!!

The Boomerang girls told us there were about 15 stations scattered around the downtown. Since we were late to the party, I thought we'd just have time after dining for the 2 we spotted on our walk to the restaurant. The girls are big Talon fans so they insisted we step out the backdoor to a garden park right behind the restaurant while the burgers cooked. What sweet girls!

Talon and I visited all the treat tables in the park and popped back just in time to eat!
You don't scare me!

After looking at the photos, I think this may be our state representive.

Now that's a big punkin!

Ghoulish Greeters of the Alley!

Two Mummies!!

These ladies did a great job decorating their alley! Pretty lights and cute (not too scary) automated characters to see on the walk to the rear of the alley. Plus a bubble machine! Talon loved it!

Bubbly Graveyard!

This was the last stop for us on the way back to the car. Have you heard of trunk or treat? Cars park around the perimeter of a parking lot with the trunks full of treats. There were about 12 cars for the kiddos to parade by. The parade stretched across the street and down a block so we decided to stop by after dining. Talon ended up being the last trunk or treater. Oops, there were only 4 trunks left open! No worries, they loaded Talon up to empty the trunks!!

Trunk or Treating!

Tailgate Pirate Ship! The pirates already jumped ship!

Cute Cheerleader!


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