Sunday, November 1, 2009

Stigler Carshow!

Stigler's Carshow is on Halloween . Not as many as at Robbers Cave--- 50 cars or less, I'd say. Different cars to see though and Talon had a blast!

Talon loves big trucks!

Riding a Cushman! What a nice man! He must know it is torture for a little boy to look but not touch! Most owners at the shows put up Do Not Touch signs and frown if you so much as breathe in the direction of their babies!

Another Cushman! Talon chuckled and said woohoohoo when the owner put him on this one! Looks more like a mean machine than the previous one!

The dealers display new cars that everyone can check out! Talon is digging this new Mustang!

Cool Truck!

I want a pink one!!

Another pink one!



Talon says: The firetruck is this big!

Gram's Seat!!

Now That's a Cadillac!!
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