Saturday, November 14, 2009

Autumn Flutterbys and More

Been reading Winnie the Poo with Talon, hence the flutterbys.
So many interesting butterflies and moths in the garden this autumn. Sometimes several dozen at a time, moths mainly, covering the basil and lavender. Who knew autumn was the season for a butterfly garden?!

Unusual and pretty...

Underneath the wings are metallic silver.

Became part of Talon's catch and release program-- I tried to get the silver to show up-- it looked just like foil!

Cucumber beetle-- no curcurbits to nibble...

Petite-- the wingspan is only 1 inch

Talon's ladybug!

Moths don't seem to mind the spent flowers

New flowers are nice too


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  1. I like the ones of Talon's fingers and the lady bug Janet B


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