Thursday, November 5, 2009


This is for DeLynne, bless her little punkin yearnin heart!

DeLynne has made Australia home for 20 years but still pines for American traditions such as Halloween pumpkins. In Australia, pumpkins are very dear: $24 dollars each! If they cost as much in the USA, I bet everyone's fall displays would be much less extravagant!

I don't buy pumpkins so rarely notice them. However, since DeLynne's report, I've started paying attention. Americans don't realize how fortunate they are to live in the land of plentiful low-priced pumpkins!

At Walmart Halloween day. Wish I could ship a few to DeLynne! Wonder why the indoor and outdoor pumpkins are different prices...

Two days after Halloween!

Love old farm trucks loaded with a bountiful harvest!

Next year, even though my house sits 2 miles off the highway and there aren't any neighbors per se to admire a display, I'm going to arrange a spectacular one with a whole passel of punkins!

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  1. Oh, thank you for thinking of me Lesa. One year I was so keen I had a pumpkin ordered in for us.... I don't even remember how much it cost! Were the pumpkins dearer outside with the sunshine and fresh air, or inside with the air conditioning and flashing blue light?

  2. At Walmart, the outdoor pumpkins cost more. After Halloween, they cost $2 indoor and out. I don't know the cost of the pumpkins on the cool old truck. The pumpkin man had already retired for the evening...


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