Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Okra blossoms are so pretty! If you are thinking they look familiar, it may be because the flowers resemble hibiscus. Okra is related to hibiscus.

Isn't the color coordinated butterfly amazing? I went out to get a shot of just an okra blossom. What a surprise to see a butterfly in it and a color coordinated one at that! Just another little lagnaippe from the garden fairy!

Just a hanging! While I was cutting and discarding large tough pods, this one caught itself. I kept trying to cut it again thinking it was hooked on...

Okra can appear so alien... What a strange plant... so prickly to pick... and sometimes slimy to eat... but so delicious!

one that got away!

Another got away! Gotta harvest quick!

Orgy of Okra!
Can okra be considered art? I think so: Mother Nature's art, anyway!
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