Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tickled Green!

How Glorious! Can you believe I found loads of tomatoes (maybe 100s) thriving under all the weeds and grass in the garden! There was so much rain in Sept that mowing was impossible. After all the mowing and weedeating this weekend, I was just thrilled not to have to wade the weeds to pick okra but what a lagnaippe to find these beauties! Now if they will only blush before the first frost....

Lots of dead foliage but any green vine is covered with tomatoes!

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  1. why not fried green tomatoes

  2. On the menu for this wkend! I'm guessing that is you, Kat, since you just left a comment on the Miller Men post that I had to approve...

  3. Love the vocab, Mrs Williams would be proud! Lagniappe is one of my favourite words.

  4. Mine too-- I toss it in as often as possible!

  5. Oh yeah, found out that was my mother leaving fried green tomato suggestions.


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