Friday, May 28, 2010

Blow Up Fun!

What a spectacular day of blow up fun!

The second grade teachers raised enough money to rent blow up bouncey houses, obstacle courses and slides for the whole elementary! So generous! Thanks Mrs. T, Mrs. R and Mrs. W!

For the little kids! Pre-K through second grade.

My little guy having a ball! So fun-- I tried out everything too! Whew! Bouncey houses are lots of exercise-- someone should start bouncey house gyms for adults!


For the older kids: third through sixth grade. It was my last day of work so after Pre-K went in for rest time, I picked Talon up early and we tried out all these too. All the kids were fascinated that I was climbing, playing and screaming with Talon! Well, Talon didn't scream...

In the bouncey house! Talon is finally able to do this-- he wanted nothing to do with a bouncey house until just this past February.

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