Sunday, May 9, 2010

Blooming Chives!

Chive is the fresh herb that I use the most... but basil runs a close second.
Such a thrill when all the chives start sprouting in early spring. I start snipping and tossing them in various dishes as soon as the stems are 3-4 inches tall.

Beginning to bud...

Bursting forth...

Into a beauteous bounty of blossoms!

one singular sensation!

Right now I only have two good clumps of chives. Last spring, I moved several clumps from my smallish herb bed to a larger garden bed where they were thriving.

Suddenly all the transplanted clumps disappeared!!! Nothing ever eats chives so I could't imagine what in the world! All that was left were a few bedraggled stems lying on the dirt... nothing else. All my onions disappeared too. I suspect an onion loving gopher may be the culprit.

Very weird. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

Hopefully, the gopher's terrible onion breath kept it from attracting a mate and founding a dynasty of onion loving progeny!

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