Friday, May 14, 2010

What A Catch!

Eyes on the bobber!

That's better...

Talon's first fish... a large mouth bass! Isn't it huge?!

Just kidding... but it is the perfect size for a little boy. Talon was so proud. In fact, he gloated for days. Mom and Dad caught nary a fish, you see. Talon said: You know why I caught a fish? I was patient. You two walk around too much.

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  1. Talon caught his first fish,how cute!That fish is huge to him,but when he really catches a big one,oh-boy!

  2. How darling he is! We used to love to fish on the ponds around our house in OK. We'd catch Crappy Perch and daddy'd fry 'em up, yum-yum.
    Peppers that look like my cactus? Oh my...don't get me started ;)

  3. Thank you!

    My daddy lives in Tx and is retiring at the end of this month-- then I will get to eat more fish. He'll be visiting and fishing up here in OK more often and he is the only one who can clean fish!!


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