Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Very Own Mad Hatter!

Hubbies... gotta love'em... just gotta pretend not to know them sometimes! ;o)

While Talon and I rode the swings at SDC, Jim created this masterpiece of a sunhat for his cone!

Oh yes, I was in hysterics over this one!

You did want to see a close up, didn't you? What a combo: my girly visor plus a SDC newspaper.

A side view. Doofy as all get out but kinda clever too. Of course, he could have just bought a cap--- But my wonderful hubby never misses an opportunity to be a figure of fun for the amusement of all.

Does your spouse do inexplicably doofy things in public? Surely, I'm not the only wife afflicted with an overabundance of amusing but potentially embarrassing hubby hijinks?! Please share an anecdote so I won't feel like the only wife in the world married to a goober clown! ;o)
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  1. Yeah,I know what you mean, I married a real goober myself!

  2. What a cool hat!How many did you sell?


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