Monday, May 3, 2010

My Spring Garden!

Can't wait till the blueberries are ready to pick!

I've tried so many blueberries over the years and finally found one that thrives under my dubious care. This is a Dwarf Sunshine Blue. It fruits aproximately 8 weeks in the summer and the berries are plump and sweet. I only bought one plant three years ago and wish I had ordered more while they were on sale.

This one bush provides enough luscious berries for cereal and pancakes for two months... not bad. But I would really like to have enough for pies, muffins, jelly and freezing.

one of my four radish patches

Baby leaf lettuce

Baby Romaine

I didn't grow up in a family of beet eaters but thanks to a gardening and canning friend I now crave beets. A few years ago, Mrs. B brought her homemade pickled beets to school for everyone to eat at lunch. I was sceptical (pickled beets from the store, you know) but the other teachers were eating with gusto... so adventurous diner that I am, I gave the beets a chance. Wow! The beets were sweet and tart but not sour and the hint of cinnamon was delicious.

Now I am wild about beets--- I even eat pickled ones on a salad bar or from the store but the ones I really like are just plain old beets. So deliciously sweet roasted, tossed in salads, added to soups or just cooked with a dab of butter.

If you think you have an aversion to beets because you've only had the store bought pickled kind, try the plain canned ones or fresh ones. You may be in for the culinary surprise of your life!

Do you have a love or hate relationship with beets? If you have a favorite beet recipe, please share.
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  1. I grate fresh beets and put them in my spaghetti bolognese. Lovely red colour and my kids are actually eating extra veggies.


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