Saturday, May 22, 2010

Elementary Art Show

There was an after school art show in the elementary gym the week before school let out for summer.

Pre-K exhibit on the stage.

Talon was so excited...

He couldn't wait for me to see his helicopter.

Talon's helicopter with a different kind of propeller. Isn't that a great helicopter? Looks like his blue marker was drying up though.

Here are more selections of Pre-K art... such a range of subjects and artistry.

Since the title is Vampires, I think these must be ticks...

I like this Indian corn drawing and the 'blackbird that is brown' is cute. Looks like the birds are stealing corn.

Typical little girl drawing... I remember drawing very similar ones as a child.

Now that is one psychedelic corndog!

Colorful kite!

Must be modern art!

Art from older students:

I knew immediately that this belonged to a certain fifth grader-- he is wild about farming and farm equipment.

This one is a great representation of Oklahoma!

What do the next three have in common?
Happy Alien!

Happy Lions!

Happy snake! Yep, even the snake has a smile. Isn't it sweet that children draw smiles on everything?!

Don't know who did this one... maybe a highschooler?

Lucky, the astronaut.

Photos taken by the artshow organizer

Talon and I enjoyed the art show. Hope you enjoyed seeing a few of our favorites.

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  1. All this is good art work!Sure like the helicopter!


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