Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sitting In The Catbird Seat

Is this the famous 'catbird seat'?

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  1. oh oh oh!! when bernie and i saw this post of this gorgeous cat lesa, our hearts were jumping with happiness. what a treasure!
    now what was she doing sitting in that bird bath?
    the picture of her hiding in the grass and waiting for an unwarey rat or two, bernie says could win a prize.
    what a good little kitty to let you have such a great photo shoot!
    i love that kitty already! terry

  2. Hey, what's my cat doing in your pictures?! ;)
    Yes, in my post about the cactus, I had a real hard time not mentioning the obvious. Didn't want to offend any sensitive readers.
    Thanks for stopping by, Lesa. Glad you are all safe after the terrible weather Oklahoma had this week.

  3. Hi Mary-- That cactus is a hoot! I bet the sensitive readers are thinking the same thing! Did you know there is a pepper that has similar characteristics? I've seen it in pictures but never ordered the seeds. Would be very funny to set out a plate of peppers at a gathering and see the reactions?

    Thanks--- We're safe but more storms expected-- we really need to invest in a storm shelter-- the community ones are miles away.

  4. How cute is this? The way the color of the black kitty and the bright birdbath are such a nice contrast.

  5. Hi Lesa,
    Love that pic-really love the sink too! Got your comment about doing work yourself-tiling etc. pretty much what we do too-although my back is giving out faster then my ideas. Oh well!


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