Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Canter's Deli: Now That's a Matzo Ball!

My hubby has been raving about Canter's Deli in Los Angeles for the 25 years that I've known him. Just reminiscing about the piled high pastrami sandwiches caused him to swoon. 

Finally, I was able to sample the delights of Canter's at their recently opened second location at Treasure Island Casino in Las Vegas!  My verdict: OMG! Awesome! Spectacular!Scrumdiddly! Plumb Larapin!

The menu is much more limited than in LA but the hot pastrami sandwiches were offered, thank goodness.
The toasty rye bread was perfect and the meat was piled high-- the sandwich was huge!

We were so hungry that I had a very messy plate before I thought to snap a photo-- which isn't like me at all but I did get a photo of the matzo ball soup.

This was a large bowl not a cup. This was my first experience with matzo ball soup so I can't compare  but it was very tasty. Hit the spot on a freezing cold night, that's for sure! 

The broth had a hint of some spice that added pizzazz-- maybe clove or nutmeg?

Can you believe the size? Like I said, this was my first bowl of matzo so I don't know if this is the norm or not. Is it? I was expecting lots of small matzo balls floating around like dumplings. This thing was a monster! 

The flavor reminded me of Premium crackers and the texture was not too dumpling-ey-- it was juicy throughout like soggy bread.  So not my favorite but I might order it again (it was interesting and fun to eat) or I might just order the chicken noodle-- that broth was amazing!
LA was never a destination that I aspired to travel to but now it is-- Love me some Canter's Deli! Now pardon me while I swoon... Pin It


  1. Hot pastrami and matza ball soup - yum!

    In my family we always make the matza balls about 2 inches or so across, and each bowl gets a couple :). We only make it for holidays but it's one of my very favorite holiday traditions.

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  2. OH my, this thing was baseball sized or a little bigger-- wonder why they made it so big. Thanks for sharing-- I love learning about holiday dishes.


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