Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gingerbread Snowflakes?

We love gingerbread cookies-- especially when it is cold outside. Last week was snowy so Talon and I used our snowflake cookie cutters.

Talon loves rolling out dough and cutting out cookies but his favorite part, next to eating cookies of course,  is painting  cookies. Looks like he is drowning them more than painting them.  Don't worry, the lemon glaze is thin so the cookies are not overpowered.

We used 4 snowflake shapes but they all turned out looking about the same-- Oh well, it didn't affect the gobbling any.

Caught him doing the finger taste test--- Well, at least it is a finger this time.  If you want to see Talon's previous technique and see that we can make prettier less messy cookies click here. 

So what kind of gingerbread cookies do we like?
Yep, good ol' trusty Betty Crocker!  So easy and tasty. Just add a stick of butter and one egg and that is it-- except for the rolling ect.  The cookies are spicy and moist... yum!

The only problem is that this mix is only available during the holiday season. I stock up on enough to make it through the winter. I've got 2 packets left.

So: To ration or not to ration, that is the question!
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  1. icy roads, someone texting and no one wearing a seat belt? not that i wouldn't happily fall face first into one of them but it looks like they had a run in with something bigger than they are. were?

  2. Ha! This was supposed to be in drafts!! Not published!!! Must have been really tired last night-- I gotta fix this one up!!!

  3. makes muuuuuuuch more sense now.. still looks just as good to eat though ;)

  4. Thoes are some good cookies!!You did a good job,little T.


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