Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Favorite Winter 2011 Macros... So Far


Icicle graveyard-- where icicles go to melt.

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  1. They are all great shots. Love the textures on the tree.

  2. Love 'em all. Especially that shaft of wheat. So detailed and filled with those 1000 words a photo can tell. Awesome.

    A rosebud

  3. Frost and ice are perfect for Macros and you did a great job!

    Christina, Sweden

  4. Great shots!! Love the 1st photo!

  5. Love the icicle graveyard! Someday they will melt, lol.

  6. Wonderful details of the ice in these photos!

  7. Thanks for visiting and commenting, fellow Macro Monday Maniacs!!

    Karen: Yep, I couldn't believe the texture-- there is some kind of web too that I didn't see with my eyes.

    Anni: 1000 words-- you are so insightful and leave the best comments. xoxo

    Fotobloggen: Wow, thank you-- that makes me more confidant hearing that from a photographer from the land of ice and snow!

    Lisa: hahah

  8. those are cool macros! i like the ice, nice textures!


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